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34th Circuit Court
34th Circuit Court - Ogemaw & Roscommon Counties

The 34th Circuit Court is the original jurisdiction for all civil actions, claims and remedies arising within Ogemaw County, except for matter to be handled by the courts of limited jurisdiction (District and Probate Courts). The Chief Judge of the Circuit Court has administrative oversight for the Friend of the Court, Jury Commission and the appointment of attorneys for indigent individuals.

The County Clerk is the constitutional clerk of the 34th Circuit Court. As such, the Clerk provides a variety of functions for the court such as, but not limited to: filing and maintain the official record for all cases that come before the court; providing staff to assist in the operation of the court; working with the Jury Commission and notifying all potential jurors to appear for jury duty; and, processing felony criminal cases bound over from the 82nd District Court. Four areas of specific court function are noteworthy and are:

  • Civil Cases

  • Appeals

  • Family Division

  • Criminal Felonies

The 34th Circuit has exclusive jurisdiction over cases claiming money damages over $25,000. District Court handles cases with disputes of $25,000 or less. The 34th Circuit Court is the Appeals Court for a variety of agencies such as MESC, Secretary of State Driverís license restoration fees, District Court appeals, etc.

The Michigan Legislature mandated that all Circuit Courts develop a plan for a Family Division of the Circuit Court. This law moved the Juvenile Division of the Probate Court to the Family Division of the Circuit Court. Family Division matters include, but are not limited to, divorces, paternity, non-support, child custody, adoptions, parenting time disputes, emancipation of minors, etc.

Circuit Court has exclusive jurisdiction of all felonies. Felonies initiate with a complaint and warrant in District Court. A preliminary exam is held in District Court and depending upon review, the matter may be bound over to Circuit Court for processing.


Any discussion of Circuit Court operations and function would be incomplete without a mention of Jury Duty. Most persons do not have a thorough understanding of a citizen duty to perform jury duty or the issues and processes that surround jury duty. A few of the more important points relating to jury duty will be noted here.

Each year juror questionnaires are sent out by the County Jury Commission to persons who have Michigan driverís license or personal identification card. The form must be completed and returned to the Jury Commission. If you are 70 years old or older, you can claim an exemption on the questionnaire. The jury commission performs a very thorough review of each questionnaire and qualifies the individual's potential for service. All qualified individuals names are placed in a pool and then randomly selected and placed on a one-month Circuit Court panel.

Often times, people would like consideration to be excused from jury duty. No one in the state of Michigan is automatically excused from jury duty. The County Clerk's office may be contacted to discuss your situation as it relates to being excused from jury duty. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DAY YOU ARE SCHEDULED TO APPEAR TO BE ASKED TO BE EXCUSED FROM JURY DUTY.

Jurors are compensated for their time of service. Jury duty is a critical element in our system of justice. Your participation is important and appreciated by the judges, court staff and County Clerk's Department. The Clerk's office is available to answer any questions relating to jury day and may be reached at 989.345.0215.

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